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Big Mouth Bubbler Parts-- What Is This?

My 6.5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler just arrived, and upon unboxing, I have found a piece that boggles me. I presume it is for the top.

The lid has a smaller hole for the bung and bubbler, and a very convenient screw-on cap for storage.

HOWEVER, there is another piece made of clear plastic that sort of looks like a jello shot cup. I see it has some threading, some “scuppers” along the rim, and a hole along the threading wall.

I have no idea what this is.

Is it some sort of new-fangled airlock? Am I supposed to trust my wort to this?

I have a bung and proper 3-piece airlock for it. I am confused as to what to do with this extra part.

I plan on brewing this weekend, so any quick response would be greatly appreciated.

That is exactly right. It is a new style airlock. The idea behind it is to fill the area around that airlock with water.
You can also but the rubber bung in there too, as you would with the old school carboys. Either way works, and like all things brew, the choice is yours.

Also, feel free to contact us directly with these types of questions. We were lucky that somebody (Josh) at World HQ alerted us to this thread (he must have been not-working). Our email address is

Todd J at Northern Brewer CS

Thank you SO much for clarifying this! I had no idea. The shape of the top is pretty explanatory, now that I know you put water in the center. Neat idea.

I am concerned that the very dry air in my house will land me with evaporation issues, so I am more inclined to use the old tried and true three-piece airlock and bung. But, the idea is probably brilliant.

I am glad that I have the choice of options.



ps.-- This would make a very good Brewer’s TV video clip.

I got mine for Christmas. Such a great upgrade over a bucket. I’ve been looking in on my brew like a new parent with a sleeping baby. I’ve never actually watched the krausen.

Todd, when you’re talking to your marketing buddies; you need to sell a replacement lid that has a second hole for a thermowell.

Can someone post a pic? I have been unable to find it in their online store.

I was talking about the new airlock… :lol:

[quote=“Loopie Beer”][quote=“mattnaik”]

I was talking about the new airlock… :lol: [/quote] ... ndex3.html

[quote=“Loopie Beer”][quote=“mattnaik”]

I was talking about the new airlock… :lol: [/quote]

Lol! Long day at work…

Thanks JMcK! That is interesting…

Mattnaik got that brain freeze up north? It got mid 40s here today and melted all the snow!

There’s a picture of one in action in this HBT thread: … ndex3.html

How do you put a thermowell in the Big Mouth Bubbler?

There was another thread recently where I suggested NB needs to sell a replacement lid with a second hole for a thermowell. The 5.5 opening is too small for a combo.

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