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Big Mouth Bubb...Bottling bucket?

We bought a 5 gallon BMB with the spigot a while back. Since we’ve been brewing we do almost all of our fermentation in 6.5 gallon BMBs and have secondaried in the 5.5 gallon BMBs only a few times. We normally keg however were given a kit by a friend and plan to give him some of the finished product so bottled.I have one 5.5 with a spigot and used it for my bottling bucket today. In my mind, the smaller opening reduces the exposure to O2 and things floating in the air. Laid a Starsan soaked paper towel over the top for further sanitation. Anybody else use a similar setup?
Happy brewing! :beers:

I just leave the lid on loosely

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I just pull the airlock stopper a bit.

Just put the lid on. BMB lids never seal anyway…

I’ve been thinking about everything since I had two infected beers. I bought a new bottling bucket before I found the suspected real cause of the infections. Previously I just left the bung hole in the lid opened as I bottled. I used plain water to experiment with using an S-style air lock in the lid of the new bucket during bottling. The vacuum created with the spigot completely open sucked the Star San solution out of the air lock into the bottling bucket. The flow rate was greatly diminished when using the bottling wand on the spigot and filling a bottle. With the S-style air lock filled to just below the maximum fill marks there was no suck back during bottling.

I’ll probably go with the air lock on the bottling bucket from now on.

Not sure what that accomplishes. You still sucking in air

My thought is I’m sucking air through Star San solution. Nothing to do with oxidation. Reducing potential infection source since I’m a little paranoid now.

I don’t think bubbling air through a sanitizer would kill anything inside the air bubble.

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Not enough time in contact to kill, but may trap. Anything wrong with trying to do a little extra?

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May have had a few happy brain cells from something bubbling through water… That was years ago :sunglasses: Sneezles61

LOL Alledgedly I might know what you’re toking about…


I got less and less paranoid over the 80 batches. Then I finally got an infected batch and I’m most the way back to being careful. I still bottle with a proper bottling bucket and I haven’t figured out a good way to use the spigot on the Big Mouthed Bubbler

Using a standard bottling bucket, I place a large sheet of aluminum foil over the opening of the bucket. Mainly it is to reduce airborne contaminants, cat hair, gnats/fruit flies etc. It is amazing how prevalent cat hair can be…made it into my kegs somehow…@brew_cat ?


Thats why I like these modified Anvil fermenting ss buckets… I put a fitting on, now its a CO2 “push into the keg”… Sneezles61


Sorry can’t give away trade secrets



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After you have selected your file in your PC are you waiting for the upload to finish? It will appear in preview when it is uploaded.

I tried just click and dragging it… Then I tried the upload thingamajobby… But neither was successful… Computers toy with me… Just like a cat does with a mouse… Just before its… curtains! Sneezles61

Did you take the pic with a real camera? If so try making the image size smaller and reduce the resolution to 72 dpi

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