Big Ben's Double IPA

Wanted a 1.080 OG but Got a 1.110–1.100 OG
DO I still go as plan for the recipe or should I ferment a little longer …
2 oz (56g) Carapils
1/2 lb (226 g) Maris Otter
4 lb (1.92 kg) extra light malt extract (DME)
1oz (28g) Equinox
1oz (28g) Columbus
1oz (28g) Amarillo
1oz (28g) Mosaic
1/2 oz (14g) Simcoe
1/2 oz (14g) Amarillo
1.5 oz (42g) Equinox dry hop in the fermentor
1.5 oz (42g) Equinox dry hop in secondary
Pitched Wyeast 1056 American Ale

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Let the yeast tell you. How big of a batch?

2 1/2 gallon

Without doing the calls, 4# DME seems reasonable for a 1.080 beer. Might have had wort stratification? I would go with a calculated OG based on water volume and amount of extract. I can check it tomorrow if you want a second opinion. The recipe sounds good though!

I don’t use more than 3 kinds of hops but that’s just me. Sounds good though.

[quote=“porkchop, post:4, topic:21603”]
would go with a calculated OG based on water volume and amount of extract.
[/quote] Yes would you check for me
It’s been 2werks/ 16 days in my sg is at 1.022 looking for 1.014 checked at one week in sg was at 1.022

I think your OG is a measurement error. You should have been fairly close to hitting 1.080.

Was your last SG reading with a refractometer or hydrometer? A refractometer will not give you a correct reading in the presence of alcohol.


When you check your gravity, do you de-gas the sample or spin the hydrometer to dislodge bubbles sticking to it? Fermenting beer has some dissolved CO2. When you disturb the beer taking a sample, some of the CO2 comes out of solution and forms bubbles. The bubbles stick to the sides of the hydrometer tube (no problem) and to the hydrometer itself, causing it to float higher, thus reporting an incorrectly high specific gravity.

Shake or stir your sample vigorously, or at least spin the hydrometer.

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So here’s how you would calculate your OG based on DME additions. I’m assuming that you mashed the Maris Otter, which with a 70% efficiency would give you a starting OG of 1.005.

DME provides ~43 gravity points per pound per gallon (per the product description on NB’s site, adjust if your DME has a different yield). So if you used 4# DME, you’ll have 172 gravity points. Divide by 2.5 gallons, and you’ll have 68.8 points per gallon for your 2.5 gallon batch, or an OG of 1.0688. Add your starting point of 1.005, which means you’ll have an OG in the ballpark of 1.074.

Going from 1.074 to 1.022 gives you an apparent attenuation of only 68.8%, which kind of sucks for WY1056. How did you prepare your yeast? If you can eliminate measurement error from your hydrometer, it sounds like your yeast underperformed.

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