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This is food BTW

Bierstachel = Beer + Creme Brûlée + Roasted Marshmallows.

New to me, all the right ingredients stated above. Mine was served with a nearly red hot 1/2" allen(hex) key plunged into a Double Bock which went from little head to giant head (TY Bitter&Esters, NYC) The head was hot and sticky and marshmallow like while the beer was still cold.

If you google Bierstachel you will see there are devices just for this purpose. The key I’m told is residual sugars… I’m thinking I was over that milk stout anyhoo.

This is a great thing to try, and done across many cultures. Check out our colonial ancestors’ fondness for flip, which is a mixture of stout, rum, and molasses with a red-hot iron stuck into the glass until the steaming and sputtering stops. The iron is a fireplace poker with a bulb on the end called a loggerhead. So when an argument ends up at loggerheads, it calls to mind our ancestors settling an argument by pulling red-hot loggerheads out of the tavern fire and trying to beat each other over the heads with said items until the argument is complete.

Of course, the rum and molasses came from the fine sugar islands of the Carribean (probably including Bonaire).


And here it thought a loggerhead was a tool with two iron balls attached by an iron rod (used by shipbuilders to melt pitch).
“Of course, the rum and molasses came from the fine sugar islands of the Carribean”
… this has always lead me down 1 of 2 roads.

Any road powered by rum is worth taking, if for no other reason than it makes a great story for the rest of us! :laughing:

We go to “Bockfest” at Fitgers up in Duluth Mn, and they have the hot poker there… just waiting… I’ve dubbed it, pour it, poke it, drink it! Extremely great way to enjoy a dark, creamy bock! I wonder if this is a correlation to the way the Norwegians heat up their Kviek brews… hhhmmm… Sneezles61

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