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Biere de Garde

I recenty brewed a Biere d Garde.I got the recipe out of Craft Beer&Brewing Magazine.I
Fermented it 2 wks in the primary and 3 wks in the secondary and all went well.Bottled 5 wks
ago and checked the carbonation after 3 wks nothing happend.Turned the bottles up side down two
times aday to mix the yeast for a wk.tried and it again on the 5th wk.Popped the cap and got
the healthy sound of CO2 coming out but when i poured the beer it was flat.The bottles are in
a temp.of 72 F.Does this beer take a long time to carb up?Has anyone made this beer befor.

Seems that you have it warm enough to carbonate. Question one what is a the ABV of your beer there is a chance your yeast is tired out and high ABV and long secondary has pooped out your yeast. Next how much priming sugar did you add to prime your beer.

The ABV is about 8.2.I.used about 3/4 cups of corn sugar.I think your right about the yeast being
pooped out.I guess im stuck with a flat tasty beer.

You have CO2 formation so the yeast is still active. Did you chill the last sample bottle for a few days before sampling. It sometimes takes prolonged chilling to force the CO2 into solution.

I would give it another week and recheck. Sounds like it’s starting to carb.

I’ve had some 9% saisons take months. Put them away and brew another

Im going to take take your advice,thank you.

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