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Biere de Garde Graff?

Tomorrow is the local cider mills annual pressing for hard cider. We are thinking about making a graff using a biere de garde as the beer base.

Any thoughts?


I hadn’t heard about the Biere de Garde before, so I checked out the recipe from NB. Looks like a real nice base for a Graf. I say “Go for it, and let us know!”
I bottled my 'Gunslinger Cranberry Graf a week ago. Tested one today for carbonation level. I’m going to pasteurize the batch when it reaches what I want. Tasted pretty good.

What yeast are you planning on pitching?

I have the dregs of two bottles of Jolly Pumpkin’s Oro de Calabaza ready to go into a starter.

Hmm, yea definitely a good choice, Will add probably keep a lot more of the apple flavour then the EC 1118 I pitched in mine will, I am bottling my Graff today, will let ya know how it turns out,

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