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BIAB holding mash temp?

Although true, your efficiency suffers with the blue cooler.

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Always know your tools and adjust! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

Do you just heat up your water to strike temp in a separate pot, insert the bag, pour the heated water into your cooler and then add grain?

You heat up your water, insert the bag, clips help hold it in place, dump your grains, shut off the heat, wrap your pot and wait. Stirring every 15 mins help my efficiency

That’s what I thought. The Igloo cooler above is what threw me off. I was wondering if they used that instead of the original pot for mashing.

Lots of people just use a bag in the cooler rather than a bazooka tube or water line as a filter.


That’s exactly what I do.

Got it, thanks

I have noticed that mashing out has helped my efficiency. Stirring until 170 then pulling BIAB bag

First brew in a really long time today.
I’ve always done BIAB and wrapped a blankie around the kettle. Today I used an ANOVA immersion circulator that I use for souls vide. It maintained temp perfectly at the set temp.

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