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Between the Bluffs Homebrew comp

Greetings, fellow homebrewers –

Looking for feedback on your beers? Want bragging rights within your club and other social circles? Then consider entering your favorite selections in the 4th annual Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine, & Cheese Fest homebrew competition!

Extensive information can be found at

The basics:

Entry deadline is 13 April (Friday)

Entry fee is $5 per beer (must submit two bottles with proper entry forms)

Six categories: Lagers, English ales, Dark ales, Pale ales, Wheat beers, Belgian/Strong beers, and Specialty beer.

Category winners advance to “Best in Show”

“Best in Show” receives two VIP tickets to the 2013 BTB fest, a crown & scepter, and other prizes

BJCP-certified judges will provide feedback regarding your beer(s)

Homebrew competition is 21 April; BTB fest is 28 April.

Again, please refer to for complete instructions on submitting your entries.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Let us know!


Jon Toomey
La Crosse Area Grain Enthusiasts and Related Specialties

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