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Better Bottle for Secondary

I’m curious…anyone use Better Bottle for secondary? What’s the longest you’ve let it ride? Any detectable adverse effects?

My second batch of homebrew is currently undergoing secondary in a BB. I was going to bottle at 2 weeks, but ended up getting sick so will be leaving it alone an extra week or more. I know they say on their website that O2 permeability is negligible in a BB, but I’m still a bit nervous given the longer than planned duration.

It’ll be fine, I usually skip the secondary and leave mine in better bottles for 4 weeks or so…

+1. 3 weeks is nothing. I once left a beer in a primary bucket for 6 months due to having a fire, figured it would be way oxidized and planned on dumping it. I figured I had nothing to lose so I kegged it,it lost a lot of the hop aroma but it turned out alright.

Better bottles are a lot more like glass than a plastic bucket is. Any more, I’m starting to transfer from a primary bucket to a secondary BB towards the end of fermentation activity, I am careful to traqnfer a lot of yeast over though. I think this helps keep oxidation to a minimum on malt-forward beers. Hoppy beers don’t seem to be affected as much.


I left my imp stout in a BB for around 9 months, no noticeable oxygen upon bottling. Now that its starting to get around 2 years old some small signs are coming to the surface, but nothing major.

I’m sure your beer will be just fine…next time save yourself the hassle and skip the secondary :wink:

The guys at the local brew shop said to use 6 months as a guide, anything longer play it safe and use glass. Based on that, you will have no worries.

Four months is the longest I have gone with no problems.

I used them for up to 3 months with wine/mead/cider.

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