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Best way to clean plate chiller

Hello everyone. I have been researching and found a few ideas but Im wondering how you all clean your plate chillers. I have just been running pbw through mine and it seems fine but would like to make sure I give it a seriously thorough cleaning before my next brew day.

Any suggestions?

I just run boiling water through it in both directions after chilling. I’ll run PBW through it occassionally but it’s probably been a good 5-6 brew sessions since I’ve done that.

Ok cool. Thanks for the info. That is the most common technique that I have read about. That and PBW. Guess I will just keep doing what im doing.

+1 on running both ways, that’s where the boogers hide. I’m a clean freak so i run a short PBW cycle both ways beginning of every brew day, mainly bc I have a hard time being convinced there’s nothing festering in there when its been sitting up for a week or more with remnants of moisture.

I boil sparge water while mashing, flush and circulate through pump, lines and chiller prior to sparging. So it’s all cleaned out and sanitized before use.

I clean by backwards recirculation of hot oxyclean / TSP followed by clean water right after brewing. On the next brewday, I sterilize the plate chiller and inline airstone in my pressure cooker for 30-40 minutes with the wort connections sitting above the water level (in the steam area).

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