Best use for Servomyces

I have been wondering if it would be better to use servomyces in my yeast starters instead of in the 5 gallon fermentation. What does everyone think about this?

I got a sample packet that is good for 10 bbl. I use a little in my starter and more in the boil.

I’ve wondered this too. The company line is to add it to the boil, but I would think that if its purpose is to enhance yeast health, it would have most impact in earlier generations. And I’d assume that any of it that is not consumed by starter yeast will go into your fermenter.

why not use it in both? I know you’re going to say because they’re in capsule form, but next go around, I’d get the Wyeast nutrient, which is the same stuff, and it comes in powder form so you can measure out only what you need.

It’s more about the cost. I know I can open the capsule and put half in the starter and half in the wort, but what will give me the most bang for my buck. I know I should have bought the Wyeast nutrient, but I wanted to give Servomyces a try. Also I have heard opinions that they are the same thing, but so far no hard evidence.

blatz, I don’t have evidence of one being better than the other, but in composition, Servo and Wyeast Nutrient Blend are very different things. Wyeast’s is a standard composite nutrient (vitamins, minerals, aminos, plain yeast hulls, etc.) Servo is yeast hulls from a strain of yeast that has really good zinc uptake.