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Best temperature for dry hopping?

Hello what temperature’s do you people dry hopping at?

Dont think the temp is not so important any more. Your beer is almost there. Temp more important. For your yeast.

room temp, and after fermenting is 90% or so done. Sneezles61

Good question . I do room temperature in the fermenter but also in the keg at serving temp. They both work but which gives more bang for the buck I couldn’t say.

When I’ve DH’d in the keg at serving temps I feel like i get a bit less aroma and aroma retention than when I DH at room temp.

I feel the two are different in aroma and flavor. Thats me. One of the fellows I brew with does dry hop all the time, and does turn out some very good APA, IPA’s. I like to add to the serving keg as the aroma hangs about longer, and the flavor is more like the hop smells. Sneezles61

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So you’re doing both? Room temp DH and DH at serving temp? See if I DH at room temp the aroma is stronger and I feel lasts longer than doing it at serving temp. I don’t get a huge flavor impact from either honestly. DH at serving temp does come on strong first few weeks so it’s a great way to have strong aroma for a party or weekend or so. After a couple weeks I feel it fades quicker than the room temp DH. When I’ve done both I’ve been most pleased with the result but it uses twice as much hops that way.

I’ve halved thw DH hops and done half at room temp and half serving temp. I like that result too but still by the end of the keg the aroma isn’t what it would have been with the full DH at room temp IMO

The only beer I dry hop is my IPAs. I whirlpool at 180 then dry hop when the kraussen drops but begore final gravity and then again at kegging . I think the aroma changes in the keg maybe because of the change in head space. I don’t bottle condition IPAs but I’m wondering if they notice a fading.

I cold hop at room temperature, then cold crash and hit it with gelatin about a week later, preparatory to bottling.

I’ve whirlpooled exclusively for quite some time. I do add hops into the keg, and enjoy what I feel is, it tastes more like the hops smell. A brew buddy does the dry hopping and they are also very good, yet, seems to lack the fresh taste, of the aroma… make sense? We have a local brewery in Mn. called Surley, and they have a hoppy brew called furious. I will tell you, it tastes like a gym sock smells. Sneezles61

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