Best Smelling Beer on Brew Day?

Anyone ever rate their beers on how well they smell on brew day? I brewed an Irish Red Ale this morning and substituted the 2-row base malt with Marris Otter instead. Wow, the house has been smelling amazing all day. I usually enjoy the smell of the boiling wort on brew day, but wow, today’s even better. It’s like walking in to a shop that makes both breads and pastries. Amazing sweet bready aroma.


I can’t say as though I’ve got that… Usually won’t notice it too much until after all is done and picked up… Go outside and come back in… Thats when I smell it again… Reminds me of having Maltomeal as a youngster! :relieved: Sneezles61


Gotta be the Marris otter. I love the smell of brewing a porter


I think our Scotch Ale gave off the best aroma but I like 'em all. We always make the same dumb joke about time to make the oatmeal when we mash in. :grin:

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Me using more maris otter. Love it the way the beer comes out nice flav and taste


I used to take offense when I was told I smell like a brewery now I just say thank you

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I have a winter ale recipe with a hefty charge of Special B in it, in addition to rye, oats, chocolate, and two-row. It’s definitely the best smelling mash out of all my recipes.

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MO does smell great. very bready…

also the hoppy goodness of IPAs on brew day…


In the bwginning my wife did not like the smell. At home now she likes it. Only thing she does not like the yeast

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The yeast smell is a learned response. Although the smell that fermentation gives off can be rough especially fermenting wine. The boil smells good but it’s fleeting. Now the mash is glorious. This time of year I mash indoors so the aroma lasts a couple days. Works wonders for the smell of my pub. I love the smell from crushing grains also.


This gives me an idea. I’m having some co-workers over for a Christmas tasting party so I may do a mash in the morning


I have heard that the more strong your brew smell is, the more goodness you are losing.

I think this comes from the LODO brewers.

Makes sense. The more you are losing aroma-wise, the more flavor you are losing.

IOW, a strong bakery smell isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Painting a picture buddy! :relieved:

bah…buzz kill…

So explain to me how we should brew properly so as to contain any aroma during the boil? Pressure cookers?


One of my absolute favorite smelling brewdays is Denny’s BVIP. Just makes the garage smell delicious.


Oh great, now your wanting to lick the garage clean?^^^^^^ :sweat_smile: Sneezles61

What if those malts just had more aroma and flavor to begin with? Maybe they still end up with more at the end?

We did two beers yesterday concurrently, a rye and an imperial IPA that both rely heavily on Marris Otter. The brew porch smelled pretty amazing!

Not sure you can do much for that. You don’t want toboil uncovered. I boil slowly which I think works well some people boil violently which is a waste of fuel, liquid and maybe you could add aroma to that list

no not pressure cookers although that’s on the right wavelength.

I have read if you don’t oxegonate excessively (for example, try quiet stirring instead of splashing when mixing the mash), that helps contain the goodness of the malt.

My personal experience bears this out.