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Best Mini-Fridge for Keg?

This might belong in another place, so please let me know if you’d like me to move it. A friend of mine said that the best fridges to retrofit into kegerators are Sanyos because they’re tall enough for a 5gal keg and they don’t have a freezer compartment. The thing is, I don’t think they make them anymore and I’d rather not spend money on someone to do the work for me (e.g. commercial kegerators).

Has anyone built a good, compact kegerator and would like to share their build of materials? I’m not afraid of welding, cutting, bolting or wiring, so any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


The danby 440 has no freezer compartment. Someone just posted on their Sanyo conversion

Exactly what I was looking for. :cheers:

I didn’t see if it was the same ID as the 440, but Danby also has a steel finish mode (DAR125sldd) that looks more like the Sanyo:

The danby is great. I’ve seen it at Costco for about $150.

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