Best Hop Resources

So I recently just finished “For the Love of Hops”. Great book, very informative book for hop beginners, like myself.

I am looking for recommendations on books (or websites) that can provide a more in depth understanding about the different hop components (cohumulone, myrcene) and how they affect each other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you’ve certainly started off well.
In addition to this forum, the Homebrewtalk forum has a hop section which seems to have a larger reader base. I’m sure other forums do as well, although these two are the only ones I frequent.

Although it does not include new hops from the last couple years (e.g., Mosaic and Azacca), the BYO Hop Lover’s Guide has one of the most comprehensive charts I’ve seen, including cohumulone and oil content: … vers-guide

You can easily Google the same data for the new hops to fill in the gaps.

If you look over to the right it has a menu on the different hop oils.

This may be contain some more additional information than what you’re looking for but it should help: … l-testing/