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Best Hop Combos

I don’t remember seeing a thread like this, so I thought I would start one: what are your favorite hop combos in a given style?

I think the most popular one is Amarillo and Simcoe in APA, IPA or amber.

I find that Centennial and Columbus are magical together in a pale ale. I’m not a huge fan of either hop on their own, but put them together and they balance each other beautifully. Floral, citrus and earthy.

The best amber ale I ever brewed used simcoe, summit, and saphir, should work good in a pale ale or IPA also.

I’ve really been enjoying a couple batches I have done with Centennial, Cascade and Citra for an IPA. :cheers:

I like Mosaic and Cascade. They add a nice tropical fruit and citrus flavor that is very refreshing in an APA or IPA.

I normally pair EKGs with a whole bunch more EKGs, but I’ve found the newer Sovereign variety very rewarding to pair with EKG late hops.

I also like the Amarillo/Simcoe combo, I want to try Matt’s idea of Mosaic/Cascade sounds very interesting.

I got hooked on amarillo the first time I tried one and it was with simcoe.

I got hooked on amarillo the first time I tried one and it was with simcoe.[/quote]
I really liked Calypso paired with Amarillo and Simcoe.

Willamette and Cascade for flavor and aroma.

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