Best flavors to add to Hefeweizen

Hello again. What added flavor(s) do you recommend in adding to a Hefeweizen brew? Orange? Cranberry? Other? Thank you!

I don’t see flavored Bavarian hefeweizens very often.

Maybe you’re thinking of Belgian witbiers. Those usually do contain small amounts of orange zest, and also coriander. Cranberry would be an interesting addition. I’ve seen others adding lemon or lime, black pepper, “grains of paradise”, other spices. Sky is the limit when it comes to Belgians.

German styles… not so much, usually.

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Hefeweizens bring clove or banana or other ester/notes that are pretty interesting in their own right.

Wheat beers are a great canvas for fruit additions f you use a neutral yeast. Really any fruit addition will work so choose your favorite. Remember that the sugars in real fruit will be fermented so it won’t be sweet, usually more tart. You can add a little extract to get the ‘sweet’ sensation. In addition, I use a little honey malt for some perceived sweetness, usually around 5% of the grist.


Absolutely, wheat beers are a great choice for fruit additions. . Saisons also.

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