Best Ales

I am ready for my next batch. My first brew was the extra pale ale, Loved it out of all I have done. I am looking to brew another ale, hoppy or hoppier than the pale ale. I was concidering the CHINOOK IPA and the SIERRA MADRE PALE ALE. Anyone have any favorites of the two? Or recommend something else?

Haven’tried the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I’m sure it’s good. I do however highly recommend the chinook IPA. It’s definitely one of my favorites. :cheers:

The dead ringer is very popular. It’s bells two hearted clone, FYI.

All the NB kits are solid recipes that you can’t go wrong with. It’s going to depend on your taste buds.

I don’t care for Brown Ales. The Caribou Slobber is not a beer I would brew. But many people brew it and enjoy it.

[quote=“CCM”]The dead ringer is very popular. It’s bells two hearted clone, FYI.[/quote]I brew one very similar to this and everyone tells me it’s the best IPA they’ve ever had. I didn’t brew it much last year because Centennial hops were hard to come by. Centennial hops are the key.

There was a post in the recipes section about a Wookey Jack clone. I recommend that very much as long as you’re okay with black IPAs (“Black Ale” if you’re an uptight BJCP follower).

I’ll second the vote for the Dead Ringer IPA kit. I wasn’t sure how i would like it, but it turned me into a total hop-head. One of my favorite kits from NB. Haven’t tried the Chinook, but I may have to do that this spring so I can put it head to head with the Dead Ringer.

I’ve done both the Sierra Madre and Chinook recipe kits. Both were really good. I’d flip a coin if it was me…

Was stuck between Dead Ringer and Chinook. ANd think I still am. Might just flip that coin.

Have the Winter Warmer in secondary right now and itching to get it out and into bottles.