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Berliner weisse?

Hello here the recipe that I am going to brew :

3 lbs German Pilsner

  • 3 lbs Weyermann pale wheat
  • 1 oz Hersbrucker Hops

Now this recipe say it’s a no boil recipe. But I like to try boiling it for 90min to get rid of the DMS that come from pilsner malt. For my set up i need to sparge to 6.5gal to 7gal. To do a 90min boil but I am worried if I sparge to 6.5gal to 7gal. The wort would be to dilute. I just need some help calculate how much more malt I need so after the 90min boil I left with 5gal of 1.030og to 1.035og the reason i am asking is I don’t have beerssmith I just wondering if someone out there can plug this recipe into recipe calculate for me an help me out ???

Here are links to two free beer brewing calculators:

I think traditional Berliner Weisse was not boiled. Sounds a bit unusual to me, but it’s a sour beer, so lots of rules don’t apply. Someone will chime in soon and explain what needs to be done - and why.

If you don’t bring the temp over 175ish then you don’t have to worry about dms.

This. Mash and sparge as normal, bring it up to 170F for 10-15 minutes, chill to around 100F, and pitch your lacto. Once it hits the sourness you want, bring it back to 170F for another 10-15 minutes, and chill to yeast pitching temperature (or just skip this step, traditional BW should have living lacto in it). If you can, adjust your wort pH to 4.5 prior to pitching your lacto to improve head retention in your beer and inhibit any spoilage microbes from growing in the wort before the lacto kicks in.

I would suggest skipping the hops in this beer - they only serve to inhibit the lacto, which is counterproductive in a BW. Unless you’re brewing commercially and are required by law to use a certain amount of hops per gallon, go ahead and skip it. If you feel like you’re breaking a homebrew law, nothing wrong with tossing one hop pellet in when you re-pasteurize. But there really shouldn’t be a hop presence in a BW anyways.

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