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Benifit of Kegging..?

So I bottle. I have about 8 cases of Grolsh type bottles, so I fill those.

However now that I am getting back into it, I am thinking of saving time an getting a keg. (I already have a CO2 tank from my old keg fridge). But, at home it is just me drinking the beer, the wife is a wine-o, and a few friends will drink at parties, but not a lot. How long can the beer last in the keg (I assume I will have to keep it pressurized and in the fridge)… is 3 months out of the question?

Also, I was thinking 2 2 1/2 gallon kegs would be better, can I keep one pressurized and sitting in room temperature… I assume that would not be a problem…?

Thanks in advance.

If you brew 5 gallon batches or larger I wouldn’t think the small kegs make sense. Besides they cost almost as much as new 5 gallon kegs don’t they? I have 14 kegs. Did not buy a single one new. The most expensive one was $60. I got 3 for $75 once off ebay and all they needed was a good cleaning and new o-rings.

3 months is nothing. That’s lagering time. I have a vienna lager on tap right now that I kegged 2 years ago. It’s fantastic. If you keep it pressurized there’s no reason it can’t last as long as bottled beer. Maybe longer since there’s really less chance of oxidation if you’re careful. When I had fewer kegs if I got bored with a beer or wanted to make room I’d just bottle some off the keg to save. I still do that and fill growlers for gifts or to share at parties, etc.

With regard to temperature it’s a personal thing and yes you can keep it at room temp. See recent posts regarding real ales. They’re naturally carbonated at room temperature or cellar temperature.

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I started kegging a little over a year ago and bought a chest freezer to serve as a keezer. I am now gravitating back towards bottling and have been using the keezer as a great way to control my fermentation temperatures and allows me to lager. I like sharing my bottles with others. I was filling growlers for people but it was always a hassle having to ask them to rinse them and return them and all that, so bottling just seems to work better for me at the moment. Kegging is a really simple way to sanitize, fill, and serve in a timely manner and there is the romantic justice of serving yourself a pint of your own brewed beer from a tap. I am just preferring the bottling method currently

Me love the keggonh did forget booteling tp much work i fo think cleaning wise. Indeed got a couple growlers missing as well. Some how they do not return. Over 4 years time got my self heineken kegs. Free can not complain about that part.

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I push out of my fermenter with CO2… No O2 problems now… Sneezles61

You can leave them out as long as they are pressurized. Another thing that I’ve done with my 1/2 kegs is brew 5 gallon batches keg half bottle half. Best of both worlds

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I routinely brew in the fall, keg and leave four kegs in the house all winter at 55° for six months while we go south. They are great in the spring.

When empty I don’t worry about cleaning them as long as they are still pressurized with CO2. Not much can grow in that environment.

I agree with @dannyboy58 on the 2.5 gallon kegs. Nice for a smaller portable but not worth the extra cost. I also do not own any new kegs and have 13.

I still do both. I think you should try kegging; its a nice skill/procedure to have, even if you choose to bottle in the end…and as @sneezles61 stated you can use it for low or no oxygen transfers which definitely benefits certain styles: NEIPA I’m looking at you!

I’m bottling a saison soon(like the bigger bottles for this) and a hefe. But kegging is still my favorite approach.

Clean and sanitize fifty 12oz bottles or one keg convinced me.


I have a couple half kegs and I like them for a couple reasons. Small batches, and can fit a full in one of my kegerators and 2 half kegs. sometimes ill push a half full keg into a shorty to make room. also nice to take along.

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One thing I don’t see mentioned is the lack of bottle conditioning sediment from bottling off the keg. Many people still do not like that.

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ok,ok,ok… Now I need to spend money… I found out I do need a Co2 tank… I have someone selling 2 5 lbers and 2 35 lbsers… Is the two 5 lbs cylinder enough…?

That is enough. Keep in mind that I get 10lb tanks filled for a couple dollars more than 5lb tanks. Essentially you are paying the labor rather than the CO2.
I keg everything and have 24 kegs. I also have two 5lb tanks, two 10lb tanks, and a 20lb tank. Think I may get a 50lb tank too.

So the local AirGas here seems to have an exchange program here, $20 for a new 5lb cylinder and $32 for a new 20 lbs… do you own your tanks?

I have a 5 and a 10. The 5 is nice for pushing beer and cleaning kegs and the 10 I leave in the kegerator with a 4x manifold. I own them both.

I too own my tanks. The benefit is some reduced costs on fills and you know the condition and care of the tanks. The con is that you’re responsible for the hydro testing every 5-10 years based on the tank. The way my CO2 source works is that when the test is due they’ll charge you $20 and exchange it for a CO2 tank that has a brand new test.

One thing to keep in mind is how you’ll want to store the tank in regards to a kegerator. Inside the kegerator may require a smaller tank.

I’ve 2 at 20 lbs… One from air gas and one from coke a Cole via the local liquor store… I’ll get close to a year from each one…
One is for the serving side and one is for the brewing side… Sneezles61

Yes I own my tanks as well and the brew store exchanges them but I had to buy the tank from them to use the exchange program.

I own two, “rent” two. The nice part of not owning is you can usually just swap out their tank for a full one and the hydrostatic test that is required every 5 years is their problem.

Many of the dealers don’t care who the tank belongs to when they swap them either. I did just run into a problem trying to refill a tank that belonged to Airgas at my local fire equipment store. It had expired and they would not fill it without testing it first and I understand. Since it belongs to Airgas I will bring it to them.

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Sometimes I get mine filled at the gas supply place and they will just take my tank and give me a full one but then I can’t swap that at the brew store since Its not theirs. See it can get complicated. So the best thing is research what’s available near you. Also remember to go to the place that’s most convenient not necessarily the cheapest

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