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Benefits of dry hopping in keg?

Hello I only try dry hopping in the keg twice so far an I love the results. But I writing this to ask other’s opinions an benefit’s they got from dry-hopping in the keg vs adding them to the primary fermenter or adding after 3 to 4days into fermentation…

Me never did try dry hop into the keg. Me use sankey keg. Aka heineken. So i dry hop secondary. But been reading good results. Dryhop into the keg

I’ve done it once and it seemed a little too intense for me for the first few weeks. It could have been because I was using idaho 7 though. I also dont make alot of hop forward beers regularly

Love dry hopping in keg. I use a hop bag clipped halfway down beer out tube. So easy and gives great hoppy aroma and some flavor with little to no added bitterness.

Dry hopping is great, BUT, keep a few things in mind. You have to drink the keg quickly (most of these will be IPA’s, and you should drink them fresh anyway). The aroma will fade. Also, I learned recently that if you keep a beer in a keg with hops for too long (like over 6 months), tannins start to leach out of the hops. I have a partial keg of a Chinook IPA that I’ll have to throw away because it’ll make you pucker severely.

Meh… I don’t doubt that happens, but I’ve never had a problem with it. My IPAs never make it more than 6-8 weeks. :yum:
As my keg is being emptied it clears the bottom of the hop bag which is most decidedly dry by the time the keg kicks…so vegetal off flavors from old hops in contact with the beer doesn’t happen.
Hop aroma will fade much slower in a dry hopped keg than a beer with only prepackaging hops.
@Hardbrewer123 I dry hop in the fermenter also, and for NEIPAs triple dry hopping is fairly common.

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This is another layer of homebrewing. I get a kick out of people who stand in line to get fresh beer from a brewery only to leave it in the fridge for a month. I’ll drink a fresh keg hopped beer then again after a couple weeks and it’s a different beer. I’ll bottle some from the keg and it’s different again. Sometimes I’ll push it to a short keg with more dry hops and it’s another beer. They are all good but I can taste the difference. So is there a benefit ? Well that depends on what your going for.


I routinely dry hop in the keg and leave them there for the duration. I use muslin bags to prevent diptube clogging. I just let em float around. Kegs usually last 4-6 weeks depending on the number of people who stop by for beers. Never had issues with vegetal or off flavors. I also feel the aroma stays around much better this way than when I remove the hops.


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