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Bell's Best Brown

Hello Everyone,

As the weather is turning cooler here in SE Minnesota, I think I’d like to try my hand at a Bell’s Best Brown clone. After looking at Bell’s site, the BYO site and searching this forum, I’ve come up with the following (which seems to be pretty standard), although most of the information I found was fairly dated:

9 lb. Pale Malt
1 lb. Special Roast
1 lb. Vicory
1 lb. Crystal 60
2 oz Chocolate

1 oz. Cascade for 60
.25 oz. Fuggles for 15
.5 oz. Fuggles for 2

Wyeast 1056

Mash @ 155*

OG 1.058
IBU 23.4
ABV 6%

I was wondering if anyone has experience with this recipe or another that worked well. Also, would American 2 Row be the way to go with the base malt, or would Maris Otter work better?

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