Belle Saison yeast

Has anyone had this yeast drop as low as 1.000? This sucker is dryyyyyyyyyyy. 3 gallon malt bill of 5.5# two row…1# white wheat…0.5# cane sugar…went from 1.062 to 1.000.

Yep, that’s saison yeast for you. It’s freakish! I had TYB’s Wallonian farmhouse yeast go from 1.068 to 0.998. Definitely alters your perception of how alcoholic a 1.060 beer is.

Iv had my saison punch in st 9% before I dialed it back to compensate for my yeast.

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Yes, mine finished at 1.002. Fortunately it is a pleasant flavorful yeast and doesn’t make the beer taste as dry as you might expect, at least not to my palate. I love this yeast.

Yep, it produces a high amount of glycerol, which is why it still has a decent mouthfeel even though the beer is so dry. Great saison strain!

Made a mead with it recently. Didn’t dry out so much. Ended at about 1.010