Belgian yeast for blonde ale

I brew a blonde ale with two-row , munich, and us-05.
I’m thinking of revisiting belgian yeast with that grain bill.

I recently enjoyed the new belgium brewing co “porch swing ale” and liked what I perceived to be a more subdued yeast character.

Any suggestions ?

I see that the forum sponsor’s patersbier kit uses WY 3787.

3787 would make it into more a trappist single or patersbier, which are tasty, but it depends what esters you like. That will have more of an apple/pear ester to go with the belgian peppery character, where something like 565/Dupont will have more of a saisony/citrus/lemony note to go with the peppery character.

Saison yeasts can do amazing things to a simple grain bill like that. we just brewed 19 gallons of german pils wort, 14 of which is being fermented with 34/70 (as a pils) and the remainder is being fermented with 565.

what hops?

If you can find any beers from Prairie Artisan Ales from Tulsa, OK, they have great yeast in their bottles. I’ve found them to be very strong fermenters with great flavor.

Not sure on the hops. I usually use liberty.
Open to suggestions, since I’m more curious about the yeast.

[quote=“simple”]Not sure on the hops. I usually use liberty.
Open to suggestions, since I’m more curious about the yeast.[/quote]

Ok i was just making sure this wasn’t some hop bomb. Liberties should be fine.

Why not split the batch and try both? I would say you will probably go in either the ‘trappist’ or ‘farmhouse’ direction, with the flavor profiles I noted above. Some yeasts will give more intensity than others for these flavors.

Everything I’ve got is 5 gallons, so splitting a batch isn’t likely. Don’t feel like buying new stuff.

Any dry yeast experiences ?

Hell, I could try parti-gyle though. That just occurred to me.

Belle saison has worked pretty well for me on the dry side. I found it kind of tame, though.

I make mine with wl530 abbey ale. Comes out awesome.

I live about 15 min. from those guys and they are constantly trying to make new things, most of them pretty decent. But if you have access to New Belgian beers I suggest that you get ahold of their Abbey or The Tripel. Those are truly ‘Belgian’ Style beers and are pretty decent representatives of their prospective styles.

I’m kinda looking for something between boring an full bore belgian funk. Maybe tame is what i want.

Just make a 5 gallon batch of wort and use two 5-6 gallon ale pails/carboys (?) Extra headspace isn’t an issue as the yeast will create a CO2 blanket.

can’t speak to trappist yeasts, but I agree that Belle Saison is a bit pedestrian, as is 3711 and 566. They are all ‘good’, but 565 makes a beer like no other. Use 565, you won’t regret it. But read this thread first:


Brett Trois would also be a good choice (its actually a sacc yeast that behaves a little more like brett so you don’t need to worry about contaminating your brewhouse…big attenuator, big stone fruit, pepper, citrus esters). I love that yeast for farmhouse ales as well.

From what I’ve read (for what that’s worth) the dry options are all a bit pedestrian.

Anyone experience fermentis abbaye ?

I think the Belle Saison is a really nice yeast.

Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes FOR THE WIN. I brewed a Belgian blonde recently with it that is fantastic. Started at 1.062 and finished at 1.007.

I would also try the whites lab 570…. Sneezles61

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I went with belle saison because that’s what they had at the damn store.
Brewed a small 1.040 beer with two row and 14 %munich. 25 ibu willamette.
airlock smells pretty good @ 70 ish.

If you keep it on the cool side you may keep it clean enough to call it a blond. Let it run up and you’re going yo be in saison territory. What kind of brew store doesn’t have abbey yeast?

A stupid one.

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That’s easy to say, but I suspect it’s a reflection of their clientele . I’d never been there before.

Hopefully they sell it so fast they can’t keep enough stock.