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Belgian strong golden

After what is now 10 days in the secondary it is still too cloudy but better. Why is it taking longer to clear. I also notice more dead yeast at the bottom than any of my other beers.

What yeast strain are you using?
1388 has low flocculation.

If using 1388, cold crash at 31° F for 6 weeks and you should have a fairly clear beer. That yeast hates to drop.

1388 must be the culprit. Seeing that it is supposed to sit in the secondary for 3 months I’ll wait until 6weeks before cold crashing. How do I get it down to 31 degrees?

I brewed one in Februrary and left it in primary for almost 4 weeks then secondary at 40 degrees for a month. The yeast drops out eventually. I just opened one recently and it’s super clear (and tasty!). Going to let it bottle condition for a few months… should be perfect for football season :slight_smile:

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