Belgian Dubbel - Lager or Keg?

I’ve got a Belgian Dubbel coming up on 3 weeks in the fermenter. I’ve seen where people let that age in a secondary fermentation. What do you all think? I got a keg it could go into this weekend, but if a 1.071 Dubbel will age and taste better, I can wait.

How long if I lager (at basement temps, around 58*F).


Put it in the keg to age? :roll:

I was thinking about that option as well. Just put it in there, wait a couple of weeks, hit it with CO2. Then I had a friend tell me that they just put theirs right in the keg and fired it up. I remembered that being awful good. But I still would like to have more opinions.

The beer can’t tell the difference between being inside the keg or a carboy.

If you put it on gas now or later is up to you also. If it was me, I would put it on gas now. Then take a 3-4oz sample starting in 3 weeks.

Sounds good.