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Belgian Dubbel Krausen fell out in less than 48 hrs

Not sure if I should be worried or not.

I pitched 4 packs of WY1214 @ 68F. I activated the packs a good 5 hours prior to pitching. 3 packs were barely inflated, 1 was medium. I am wondering if the yeast was not the best or I didn’t mix very well. Still have good activity with blow off attached. Very cloudy with plenty of activity.

I have not had the Krausen fall back this soon. Should I be concerned?

Belgian Dubbel - extract - (Northern Brewer)
Hit gravity spot on 1.062
about 5.25 gal in primary
yeast viability Jan 9 & 23 2012
brew day 3/24/12

What’s the gravity now?

I have not taken a reading yet. Thought it might be too early still.

If you’re worried, there’s no such thing as too early to take a reading. Without one, you’re worrying over nothing.

I will take one today. I looked at it this morning and the bubbling has stopped. The color is a milky yellow. When I check the gravity, how will I know if it is too high. Is it based on attenuation at this stage. Thanks for the help.

I took a gravity reading and it’s at 1.012. Attenuation as of now = 80%. I think it may be ok. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Anyone have suggestions on how long before bottling?


I’d give it another week or so. The yeast have some “cleanup” work to do aside apart from fermentation, and with a fast (presumably hot) fermentation you run the risk of off-flavors if you don’t give them enough time.

NB says this yeast has an optimum temp of 68-78F. Just wondering if I should maintain a lower temp (is holding at 70F) to help with the fast fermentation. It has not been over 74F.

I am learning that some yeast strains act differently than others, so would you consider this a “fast fermentation” for this strain? If so, is there something in my process I did wrong?

I have been real good at getting my wort to the correct gravity & maintaining fermentation temps. It seams that It gets difficult to maintain consistency when I introduce the yeast. I am reading about starters now & I think this will help me in the future.

This forum is great help & thanks to all.

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