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Belgian clone recipe jackpot!

I was checking out the products on the website for Candi Syrup Inc. In order to test their sugar products, they have been making ‘clones’ (hate that term) for many of the standard Belgian beers. They even have a few recipes from our friend Denny Conn. This synopsis is extracted from their website:

“The recipes below are clones trialed here at CSI in order to test our current and new products. These trial ales are essential to the quality standards for which our products are known. These recipes are offered as-is and freely. Please feel free to share freely in return. We enjoy your feedback so if you have an innovative idea please feel free to let us know. Due to varying degrees of equipment efficiency and methods outside of our testing, we can say that these recipes have done well using our own test equipment, (15 gal stainless conicals, stainless 40 gal MLT, stainless 40 gal HERMS HLT).”

I have not made any of these yet but suspect this may be one of the more credible sources for ‘clones’ to the many Belgian beers.



I enjoy the Belgiums brews too! I got an eye full after reading Stan Hierynonamous( Sure I screwed up his last name) How to brew like a monk. Sneezles61

I recognize I am replying to a very old posting. I have used the candisyrup recipes for chimay red and blue and it hit them on the mark. They are indeed a very credible source. I will try the Gulden Draak 9000 clone recipe in March. Anyone who loves Belgian beers and wants to brew them, look at this site. Belgian beers got me started with brewing because they are soooo darn expensive.

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