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Belgian cherry wheat

Og 1.067
Fg 1.012
Ibu 26
boil 7.5 gallon
Fermenter 5.5
8# plisner malt
3# wheat malt
.5# biscuit malt
1 # cane sugar
Mash temp 150 for 90 minute
Batch sparge for 7.5 gallons
Boil 90 minutes add sugar last 20 minutes
Hops 1.5 kent golding for 60 minutes
Yeast danstar belle saison
2 weeks at 70 degrees
Secordary add 2 cans sweet cherry purée
Rack beer on to purée for 2 more weeks

Damian, you are certainly good about posting recipes. They all seem to be solid recipes, although I would like to hear what you think of them too, since you have made them. Are these recipes ones that you have just formulated? Brewed? Tweaked and perfected? Would love to see some tasting opinions with them!

All recipes I post I have brewed many times. I never post anything unless it’s a good solid beer recipe that I have worked on perfecting before I post it. This recipe has a off white/ pink head it’s not too sweet and just little tart from the cherries. Vary nice summer beer.

That belle saison yeast is a beast. Have a saison with that yeast fermenting and it’s already down to 1.002 after 10 days. Crazy stuff!

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