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Belgian brew recommendation with Wy3787

I’m getting ready to rack my Dubbel off the primary 3787 cake and am looking for recommendations for a second brew with this yeast. Belgian last a long time in my house, so I doubt any harvested yeast would remaing viable for a year while I age/drink this batch.

So, any recommendations and recipe’s out there?

I did not want to do a triple and I have a witbeir on tap now, so am looking for something else. Also, I don’t want somthing that’s going to be much stronger than my current Dubbel which should come in at about 7.8%. WWNBD?


I’d do a Patersbier. NB has a great kit, I’ve done both the AG and the Extract and they are both great beers. I did the opposite, did the patersbier first, then dropped a triple on the yeast cake…turned out great.

Sounds like a winner. thanks.


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