Belgian blonde?

Hello I am brewing jamil Belgian blonde from his book BCS. So my question is about the fermentation for this beer Jamil say to pitch yeast at 64f and let the temperature rise slowly to 68f over the course of 1 week… I am guessing I pitch an fermented this at 64f for like 2days an then ramp up 1f per day until I am at 68f

That’s what I would do. Most, if not all, esters are produced the first 3 days of fermentation while the yeast absorb sterols and multiply.

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After getting way ahead on product, ie homebrew, after a short break I am getting ready to brew again, and looking at a Belgian style….probably a Grisette. Exploring dry yeast with Belgian character, simple grainbill and continental hops. @Hardbrewer123 what yeast did the recipe call for?
Probably an early December brewday……