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Behavior of cider in primary

I currently have my first batch of cider in my primary and it is behaving much differently than beer, I assume it is normal, but I also have a few different variables that are different from the 3 batches of beer I have brewed so far.

I used 4 gallons of cider pasteurized by UV light in a 6 gallon carboy, this is a gallon less then normally what I have put it. I used 4 pounds of dark honey and 1 pack of Red Star Cote Des Blanc yeast. It has been between 68 and 70 degrees at and since pitching the yeast. It has been one week since I started.

The airlock is not bubbling as rapidly as beer does, only about once every 10 seconds. There is also no krausen on the top of the cider yet, it this normal? It sounds like cider takes longer in general, but I am unsure what to expect.

I have noticed the very same thing and my ciders have always turned out well.

Did you use any nutrients? What is the ph?

No nutrients, didn’t know I should check the ph. I assume these are things to consider for next time, I will have to read up more on that.

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