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Beersmith problem

I opened my beersmith today and have an issue. I am unable to edit my recipes, they are viewable but when i double click on the recipe, the ingredients ‘box’ is empty. and i cannot edit anything. I even unistalled it, then re-installed it, but its the same, and my recipes still carry over for some reason…

i looked around on other forums and they said to delete certain files. but those files don’t exist on my computer.

anyone have any idea what i can do?
how do i delete it completely? with my recipes? so i can re-install it like new

i have all my recipes in a journal. so im not worried about losing them

edit: maybe i should just purchase beersmith 2? or will my blank recipes still carry over? are there any other solid recipe formulating programs that anyone recommends?

not sure but Brad smith chimes in a lot over on his forum and can probably walk you through to help you or send him an email

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