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BeerSmith 2 question

I was using this program but switched to ProMash when I got word that the water calculations were off when it came to mash profiles and boil pre and post. Were any of you aware of this?

I did recently do the update for BeerSmith, but I am concerned the bugs stated above haven’t been fixed. Any users out there brewing ok or any problems? Has the update corrected the alleged issues?

Or should I stick with ProMash??

There were a lot of fixes in BS2 but honestly I prefer the simplicity of BS1.


And Like the brew sheet and final printouts better in beersmith 1 and the export to html option.

However, to answer the original question, I have used beersmith 1 and 2 and I have not found any issues regarding water amount. If you don’t have your equipment setup correctly your pre and post boil volumes may be off as they are based on user inputted equipment profiles. Spent the time and set it up once and it will be right from then on.

+1. Set-up is key.

I changed the layouts in BS2 by editing the report format html. I like them now. :smiley:

Do you mean custom reports? Would you mind posting them?


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