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Beersmith 2 mobile?

Hello do any of you guy’s use beersmith 2 mobile ? The reason I am asking is I have a question about the boil timer that beersmith 2 has. The boil timer where it counts down from your first hop addition on my it doesn’t count the 60min hops it goes immediately to the 55min mark an counts down from there. Here a pic of what I am taking about see in the picture it shows 55:00min but doesn’t not show the 60min timer for the 60min hop addition

I can’t load your image for some reason, but the timer counts down to your next addition. I’m assuming you have a 60 minute addition and a 5 minute addition. BS2 timer will start with you adding the 60 minute addition, and then count down the 55 minutes to the 5 minute addition. Then it’ll count down to your next step; assuming you have no more hops to add or flameout hops, it’ll reset the timer to 5 minutes and count down until it’s time to kill the flame.

I tired the mobile version and it didn’t cut it for me. Lacks a bunch of things from the desktop. I’ve been thinking about buying a thermoworks alarm with 3 or 4 separate timers for kettle additions.

I have the Thermoworks Timestick Trio. I love it as I can set it for multiple events even during the mash to remind me to start heating sparge water; using it to count up for the sparge; hops and kettle finings. Great little tool.

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I did try to load on my phone. Did not work. So went back to my ipad

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