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Beer with very little carbonation

I just bottled my second batch from a extract kit two weeks ago (Shiningstar pale ale). I just drank one today and it seems very flat with very little carbonation. I followed the instructions that came with the kit for the priming sugar and bottled it. I also noticed on my first batch of Caribou slobber that it was pretty flat as well. I thought that might just be the style of beer though. Any ideas on what I could’ve done wrong? Still trying to work the kinks out and get a good beer.

give them another week or two. Shake the bottles daily. Keep them in the warmest place in the house.

What temperature were you letting the bottles condition at? Did the beer taste sweeter then you expected when you sampled it?

How long are you chilling the bottles before you open one?

How much priming sugar did you use ? A good starting point is 3/4 cup if you measure it and 5 oz if you use a scale.

The beer is conditioning probably around 70°. I used two thirds of a cup of the priming sugar. The bottles haven’t been chilling in the fridge for too long before I try drinking one. Usually less than 12 hours.

I tried drinking one the other day which is four weeks after bottling. Still really flat.

Remember recipes are just a good starting point. You might have to add more sugar for your brewery. Some other thoughts are the tops not sealing, If some of the bottles are curbed maybe the sugar is not mixed in well.

When bottling, i try to stir gently after every 6 bottles to keep sugar suspended. I’ve also been weighing the sugar with a digital scale using the amount from online priming calculators. Definitely an improvement. Also, 3 weeks @ about 70 then in fride for a couple days. Works for me. Good luck!

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