Beer talk

mmm tonight thinking with my brew buddy on what we need to order for july nb products steak salad and beers time to fire up the bbq


shopping list done now my buddy will order .haha had a good time talking drinking we almost forgot our order . some alloys 6.5 gal .beer kits. dme lme. cleaning products .hops . should be here in august . and dont forget for me some music .yes the new death angel and flotsam and jetsom

I would go nuts, order today and wait for 2 months to git yer hands on it…. Maybe I’m spoiled living about 2 hours north of NB…. Sneezles61

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Yeah but don’t forget sneezles, Wilco lives in Bonaire so I’m thinkin the location may make the planning and wait worth it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


its takes forever first to miami hope you make the wednesday shipment so the boat leaves friday than ten days by boat and dealing with customs on bonaire that is a true pain in the behind
but still got enough products to brew untill december. so not in a real hurry
total frustration some times

Yeah, but being a good Dutchie island, I’m sure there is plenty of Amstel light and Heineken to fill your glass in the mean time. Maybe that’s why you started homebrewing in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I was there years ago all they had was Amstel ( not light the regular stuff) and Heineken (brown bottles) I mostly drank rum though. It took quite some time to fly there. First we stopped in Puerto Rico then to Aruba changed planes to Caruso then changed to a small puddle jumper to Bonaire. I guess that’s why we started hitting the rum.

yes lots of beer but the nasty kind amstel and heineken dont like the these
if i dont drink my own beer at home i drink the palm beer belguim beer