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Beer Smell In 5 Gallon Bucket

I just finished moving my wort from primary to secondary, my primary is a 5 gallon bucket. After I cleaned my 5 gallon bucket with dish detergent and sanitized it with one-step cleaner and sanitize, I can still smell the beer smell. This has never happened before, should I be concerned? Or is there another option? I was told that cleaning with dish detergent and rinse and sanitizing one-step would not hurt the bucket and would clean supplies it effectively.

If it’s a strong smell, I would do a long soak w/ more cleaner. I go back and forth between a mild cold bleach soak or a hot oxyclean soak.

If its just a faint lingering aroma I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s how mine smell and haven’t had problems. The plastic will absorb odors over time.

It tends to get released and go away if you just let it sit.

i might be wrong on this, so I apologize if I am giving bad advice, but personally in the future I would not use dish soap at all. I am fearful of no matter how many times you rinse and rinse and rinse again you still have some left over. again, maybe I am being too worrysome.

regardless for the question on hand now - what you you put the bucket outside for the day. maybe sitting out in the sun etc will air it out maybe?

finally I agree with dsielt- if it isn;t that strong I wouldn’t worry too much about it

I would not worry about the smell. You can try baking soda overnight if you are worried about it. My buckets all smell like hops. No big deal. It does not transfer over.

More importantly, I would stop using one-step and use a seperate cleaner (PBW/oxyclean) and sanitizer (star San).

As everyone has said, unlikely any problem. I’ve gotten severe odors out of plastic by pouring a cup of white vinegar and a kettle of hot water in. Just don’t breathe the steam.

It’s a beer bucket…of course it will smell like beer! Better than bandaids

That said…PBW should cure all your ailments…

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