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Beer Pillow?

It would only make me have to get up more often during the night.


That’s funny. Of course you wouldn’t get much sleep either. And I would choose a beer served at cellar temps as it would warm quickly!

That would make a nice hydration bladder

I’m still looking for a car freshener that is hoppy… Usually when it’s time to rack out… Ive had enough brews to last me til my next session…

Cold ear then warm beer.

I had a friend who used to put a open bag of fresh ground coffee in his truck to “freshen” it up. You could do that with some hops maybe. Hmm maybe I’ll try that with a little sachet bag.

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I’m going to try this… Seeing as how we really need the heaters in our vehicles!!

I had a friend that always said he needed a bar pillow. A place to rest his head when he passed out on the bar top. Funny thing is his head always popped up and he said I’ll take one when the bartender yelled last call.


I was on a ski trip with some buddies years ago and the hotel we stayed in had a great buffet. One night one of the guys, who we all compared to John Belushi, brought a pillow to dinner and asked for the biggest booth they had. Said he was going to nap between trips to the buffet. He wasn’t kidding. They finally woke him up when the buffet shut down and told him he couldn’t sleep there any longer.

I tried an MT keg as a pillow… Very sore neck…

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