Beer pairing with beef stroganoff?

Any good recommendations? I’m thinking maybe a baltic porter.

If you’re doing it traditional and finishing with sour cream, I’d say pretty much anything German/Czech lager-wise. Even a rauchbier would be tasty with it.

Many different variations of beef stroganoff. I would go with an American Amber Ale or even a Pale Ale to complement the mildness of the ingredients. The garlic is typically the strongest flavor of the ingredients I use.

I actually like going opposite when pairing food with beer. For something heavy like that I would go with a session IPA. The bitterness I think offsets the richness of a dish like that, and with light alcohol you won’t fill up on beer.

American Brown ale all the way.

Flanders Red or Oud Bruin-- I want some acidity to cut the richness.

Wow, such different suggestions, but I can see each suggestion working. I may need to make a batch and get hammered :smiley:

Perhaps pick a beer then build the stroganoff recipe to complement the beer.