Beer Paddles @ Target

No idea if anyone on here will actually find this useful BUT since it relates to beer I figured I might as well post it just in case someone actually was looking…

Anyway, at Target today and they had, of all things, Beer tasting Paddles AND separately the glasses that would fit into the paddle. The kicker is they had them in the cheapo $1 section thing they have when you first walk in where usually they have the cheap seasonal stuff and kids stuff.

The paddle was $3 and each glass was $1, with 4 slots on the paddle.

It wasn’t solid oak or anything (obviously at that price) BUT it would work.

so $7 for paddle and 4 glasses, just over $20 for three sets I guess might be a deal. For those of you with these fancy 5 tap set ups or whatever maybe you have an interest.

Also as a side note, I have no idea if every target would have these, especially since it was in the bargin section, but I will say it was in the seasonal area that they look like they set up for summer, and may be kind of knew because they had tons and didn’t look all picked over and messed up etc. Also this target was in central ohio just to toss that out.

my target in NW Minn has em too

Picked up several sets this morning after reading this post – thanks for the head up!

Mine too.

Yeah, I’ve been staring at these every time I go in there for the last month or so. I finally picked up 2 sets a few days ago. They don’t look like they are big sellers at the Target I usually shop at, so I’m hoping they’ll go half off at some point and I can stock up.

bought 4 yesterday. good find OP.

I submitted an article to Zymurgy about five weeks ago and these are on the list of stuff to get if they buy it.

This is actually worth a bump back up to the top. I just picked up three sets and it’s a score. I Googled beer flights, just for giggles, and the average price was about $30-35. I even found this exact same set on Amazon for $25.

I might even get another set. For $7 I can sit on a couple sets and make gifts of them for my homebrewing friends. Dirt cheap gift, but you end up looking like a hero. I certainly would have been thrilled if someone gave me a set. (I thank me very much.)