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Beer on month old cake. Is cake to old to repitch?

Had power outages and other life drama that kept me to busy to rack and brew. I usually pitch within a week after primary fermentation. I prefer to keep it simple and easy by racking and simply repitching slurry on brew day. I don’t like to wash yeast or do starters if I can help it.

So because b.s. I have a beer sitting on a cake for about a month in primary. I have never pitched that old. If I do pitch it without a starter do u think it will be ok?

I think you will be fine. Some leave their beer in the primary that long on purpose.

Pitch it, no worries.

I recently pitched slurry from an ESB that had been sitting on it’s yeast cake for a month into an Oatmeal Stout, which was happily fermenting within 24 hours.

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