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Beer much lighter in color

Hi, I am doing the red ale extract for the second time…
This time I have had it fermenting for 3 days now and the color is really light in color (almost a light orange color). picture attached… The first time I brewed it, it was a dark reddish color. Only thing I did different was I hydrated the dry yeast starter in a jar of water that I had boiled for 20 minutes, (adding the yeast after the water was cooled below 64 degrees of course). Afraid that the batch could of been contaminated some how… Am I just paranoid or can this happen?

You should have made this a poll. :slight_smile:

I’ll cast the the vote for paranoid.

Hoping it might be due to yeast in suspension. but like I said it didn’t happen the first time so…guess time will tell

Maybe your darker malts weren’t crushed well enough, and didn’t bring as much color to the party as they could.

Today some of my worries were eased!!

You cant tell the color of a beer that’s in a carboy.

I tried this beer after being in the bottle for two weeks and it was horrible… ended up pouring it out… tried another bottle let it sit for a few more weeks and tried it again and it was actually drinkable, but still not great (still has lots of yeast taste)… I am going to let it sit for a while longer to see what happens

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