Beer kit in transit for 9+ days, use the yeast?

I ordered the Pliney the elder clone (The Plinian Legacy Double IPA All Grain Kit SKU: UB10103) and it was shipped out on Monday the 30th of June, it did not arrive until July 9th. Over that time it was really hot here in Ma, in the 90s most days. While I am not sure how the package was stored during shipping, the yeast pack was room temp when we opened it.
My question is, is it still good? 9+ days in transit with the White Labs California yeast okay? I hesitate using it as this is a long and somewhat involved brew process that i would hate to put in dead yeast.
White labs say liquid yeast is still 80% viable at 30 days, but that probably if stored properly in the fridge.
Any thoughts?

You’ll want to make a starter for this recipe anyway, so I would pitch a starter, give it a day or two to see if there’s any activity, and take it from there. Odds are you’ll still have enough viable yeast to get a starter going, though it will probably take a bit longer than it would with fresh yeast.

I agree with Marty. The best way to know if your yeast is still good is to make a starter. You should be making a starter with White Labs yeasts no matter what anyway – cold, warm, hot, doesn’t matter. Yeast starters are essential for waking up White Labs yeast unless you get it super fresh and all the storage conditions are perfect… and even then, I’d still recommend making a starter.