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Beer Jail

Oh my…


I wonder if he urinated in there. Four beers and my bladder would be spilling.

Wonder what kind of beer he had? WI has a lot of good options.

Icehouse and Four Loko.

Hopefully there was a floor drain. If not use the stacked cases of Bud Lite; no one would notice.

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How about being cold? We’ve re-shelved a number of them, and it gets quite cool in there! Sneezles61

I wondered the same thing. I guess you could refill the empties.

The article said he faces citations for drinking the beer, he left without paying. Seems like they should have given him the beer since on one bothered to check inside the cooler before locking it. Hmmm no cell phone?

If it was me I would have hurt them for more than 3 or 4 beers.


Wisconsin, yes. Kwik Trip, no. Although I have seen Moon Man in a gas station, it was never in the cooler.

Doesn’t sound like the guy was a pickey fellow

Obviously not really interested in getting out since he could’ve gotten the attention of employees. LOL

Can you just see this? He’s in the crow bar motel, and a big bad bruiser asked him, what are you in for? :scream: Over an icehouse brew and a couple others? gee whiz, Sneezles61

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