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Beer infected?

i brewed 5 days ago. i could not fit an air lock on my ferementer because i had 3 batches in the same fridge. I’m worried these are signs of infection. thoughts?

Can’t really tell from the picture if this is mold beginning to appear or just yeast rafts.

Sanitized plastic wrap taped over the airlock bung, with just a pin hole, can double as an air lock.

Almost looks like could be a skin on the surface…but could be lighting or other things.

Take a sample and smell and/or taste it. If it is really infected, you will know.

From the angle I can’t see if there is a krausen ring. Did it ferment out?

Kind of hard to see take a sample if its infected. Looks like their is some kind of film layer on top

As @hd4mark said taste it and you’ll know. Some of those spots look like the start of a pellicle but it’s hard to tell.

thanks for the comment. i’ll take a look at it again but when i took this photo it smelled fine. i used wheat and oats. I dunno if that makes a difference or not.

So it will be obvious just from the smell if there is something wrong? it smells ok right now. Maybe i’ll give it a taste today.

Oats might give you a little oily film but not the floaters. If it doesn’t taste or smell bad there is no reason not to proceed as usual. It won’t cost much to go head and dump it later if needed.

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