Beer History

Anyone read “United States of Beer” by Huckelbridge. Grabbed it at the library not expecting much but found it very interesting. Goes into beer history in general not just the US.

No, but I’ll add this to my reading list.

I’ll check it out.
From anecdotes, cider was the drink of choice of our founding fathers, due to the pasteurization needed it was safer than water. If the declaration of independence wasn’t finished by noon we would of had a lot more “certain unalienable rights” if you know what I mean… happiness.

then there was this dude

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I can’t imagine that cider was pasteurized… from what I’ve read, timing was key when consuming cider. Too soon and you would have gastric fallout, too late and it would turn to vinegar. Beer on the other hand… not that there was grain in plenty, hence beer made from spruce, raw pumpkin, and molasses. Must have been something else!

Well according to the book there was plenty beer being drunk early on but the king taxed the barley and wanted to control brewing so the colonists switched to cider which became very popular and the drink of choice for awhile

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can’t imagine that cider was pasteurized…
[/quote]Wrong word choice on my part. Sanitary would have been a better choice of words

Good article except the whiskey timeline is off because it was the Scots Irish that got the whiskey production going. They imigrated after the American revolution so Americans where no longer colonists. So colonists drank rum early Americans drank whiskey.

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I’ll bet he quaffed many pints, then, He staggered to his feet, just after he wrote a note to the Catholics in his area… stumbled down the road to deliver it, tipped over… Hey look, a stone! Then an idea came to mind, he pulled a nail outa his shoe… staggered back up to his feet… wobbled down to the church, only too see they had already cleansed their souls and they were off to the pub… What else could he do? Nail the note to the door, politely telling them to buzz off! I admire that gentleman! Sneezles61

Not sure if that is the exact one I read but did read a similar book. It was very interesting that breweries were a big driver of the national economy in the 1800’s. It was particularly interesting how the feud over the usasge of the name Budweiser was a big issue.