Beer Gun Problems

I purchased the Blichmann Beer Gun. Today I finally decided to connect it to one of my CO2 tanks. I keep getting a slow leak from the 2 way brass fitting and the valve and hose connected to it. I have tried teflon tape, and just tightening it. What am I doing wrong? I cant seem to stop it from leaking. Any ideas on what I can try next? I tightened it really good, but I was always under the impression that you shouldnt have to tighten it that much. Throw some ideas my way!!!

It’s leaking at the gas-in point?
Are you sure you have the right size beer nut on there?

My regulator already has a 2 way splitter on it. I removed one of the CO2 lines going to the splitter and attached the brass two way spiller to it. I then attached the co2 line to the brass splitter and the beer gun on/off valve to the other hole in the splitter.
I could hear a slow steady leak from the brass splitter so I sprayed star san on it and sure enough it was bubbling. So it is leaking from both sides of the brass spillter. I can re-attach and get a picture if that would help!

Just curious. I keep my gun sub 5 psi while bottling beers. It may take an hour to bottle a 5 gallon batch. Are you really loosing that much CO2 over that time? In the long run its probably insignificant. To your question: check your connections again and slightly tighten with a wrench. Place the gun in sanitizer to check for leaks.

Im not sure how much CO2 it is leaking exactly. I just know its enough that I can hear it and when I spray starsan on it, it bubbles alot. I have tried the connections with and without teflon tape. From what I have read I shouldnt be using teflon tape on gas connections anyway.
I am going to try again this weekend. I think my problem may be that I dont own a vise so getting it tight enough it most likely the problem.
Ill purchase a vise to hold the valve steady so I can tighten it better and I will see if that helps.

You shouldn’t really need a vice, but you definitely do need a wrench on the nut.

Re-reading your post, it seems that the problem isn’t at the beer gun but rather at a 2-way splitter upstream somewhere? a photo might help.

Are you sure something isn’t crossthreaded or has a crack? The fittings only need to be snug; finger tight then 1/8-1/4 turn with a wrench. You shouldn’t have to crank down on them.

Ok, so here it is. I removed the left blue CO2 line at the silver splitter. I attached the brass spitter in its place. There is a beer gun on/off valve on the brass spitter, and I attached the blue CO2 line to the other port of the brass splitter. It keeps leaking where the brass splitter is attached to the silver splitter, and where the beer gun on/off valve is attached to the brass splitter. It is leaking enough where I can hear it and when sprayed with star san it bubbles like crazy.
The threads look great and I can find no cracks.

Ok so this isn’t a problem with the beer gun at all.

True, more a problem with the beer gun accessory kit. But it is keeping me from using the beer gun.

With that chrome “y” splitter you don’t need an additional splitter. Keep one on the keg. Take the other CO2 line off and attach the gas line that came with the beer gun and attach it there. The brass splitter is only needed if you had only 1 output. You have 2.

I have 4 kegs and use 1 tank per 2 kegs. I wanted to still be able to do that while leaving the beer gun attachments in place to make things easier.