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Beer fountain (1st time kegger)

I kegged my first batch of beer Saturday. Went to check on it yesterday, put the beer out line on, pressed the picnic tap, nothing. Checked the CO2 bottle and the gauge read empty. OK, must have a leak somewhere – refilled the CO2 bottle this afternoon, reattached the gauge, used some soapy water to check for leaks. Seemed good.

Turned the valve on the gas line to the on position, and was immediately treated to a violent fountain of beer coming out of the picnic tap. Could only stop it by removing the beer out connector. The beer is delicious and well-carbonated – I managed to get a little into a glass – but it’s also all over my basement floor!

What the heck did I do wrong? The CO2 is going in the gas in poppet (pin lock keg, two pins, short dip tube). The beer line is on the 3-pin poppet (long dip tube). The regulator was set to 12 psi.

Also, now that the beer is (apparently!) carbonated, do I leave the CO2 on?

Figured it out. The top of the picnic tap wasn’t screwed on tight!

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