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Beer Filter

This caught my eye in the latest How to Brew magazine. What do you all think of it?

Me do filter my beer once a while. When in doubt about the final product. Beter wait longer before transfer beer to the keg or bottle. Filtering. Takes the flav a bit away.

See I was curious about a few things… I bottle condition so I would worry about the filter taking too much of the yeast out. And secondly, the way the beer flows into the top of the filter before it completely fills looks like a good way to introduce oxygen.

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I haven’t got to it… YET, but my idea of a brew filter would be a tube I could put hop cones in and push my brew through, either whilst racking into the keg, or from the keg to the glass… I see Utah biodiesel has that gizmo… Sneezles61

A Randall? I saw someone use a French Press to infuse a beer once. I have no idea what that would do to the carbonation.

Active filtering and home brew just seems wrong

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I agree with you Brewcat but I’m tired of wasting the last 1-2 oz of every bottle of beer just to get a somewhat clear one. Yet another reason to get into kegging…


Even with kegging the first 2 or 3 pints are full of junk. The nice thing about bottling from the keg is you can drink out of the bottles.


That item also caught my eye and, since I also bottle, I had the same thought of it removing too much yeast. I hadn’t even thought about oxygenation. I have recently noticed that by letting my bottles sit undisturbed for a couple months the yeast compacts at the bottom of the bottle and I only need to leave the last 1/4 inch in the bottle. But it could also be more proteins dropping out due to faster chilling due to cooler temps since I switched to all-grain last fall. Also, I use Whirlfloc near the end of the boil and usually cold crash prior to bottling.

Well, one would be the hop rocket, and the other would be the randallizer… Again, should we be able to determine whirlpool hops aren’t such a Big Bang for the buck, then, a hop rocket with cones in it to create a some what better way to filter out… say maybe half the trub. But then it could double AS a randallizer… Bazinga!! ( see how I tied the Big Bang to)… never mind… I have tried randallized brews at some brew fests… I thought they were wonderful!! Sneezles61


I just looked under the “FAQ” section of the filter’s website and found this:

“The KLR Filter is designed to remove particles down to 1 micron from home brews. Most yeast cells are 1 to 2 microns in thickness, and larger particles are easily filtered using the KLR Filter system.”

So I suppose the smallest filter would still let enough yeast into the bottle for conditioning. But I haven’t seen any reviews on it so I guess the only way to know would be to try the filter. $55 dollars plus shipping is pretty steep for me though.

My current schedule is:
3 week primary
1 week cold crash in primary
Siphon to secondary
1 week cold crash secondary

Haven’t tried Irish moss or Whirlfloc yet.

Try gelatin… You can look at brulosophy and they do a very prescriber for it. It does work quite well. Sneezles61

Cool, I’ll look that up!

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You can build a filter system using a home filter canister from the hardware store. I made one a long time ago and it worked but was kind of a PIA to use. You must have a keg system IMHO. The beer will not flow easily unless you push it with CO2. The keg system will also be handy because it is possible to filter out enough yeast so bottle conditioning won’t work so force carbonation works best. You can add yeast back in but then you will still get gunk in the bottom of the bottle/keg.

The home made system might have some advantages. You should be able to build one for less or the same money. The filters are readily available at any hardware store. They are plastic so not so breakable. I’m assuming from the photo the KLR is glass.

All I did was to use two kegs. I went to Home depot and stood in the plumbing isle and figured out what I needed to go from the liquid out on keg 1 to the liquid out on keg 2 with the filter in between. After use just rinse the filter, put it in a Zip Loc and stick it in the fridge. It is possible with a low enough micron filter to make your own Zima (remember that stuff?).

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Horrible! Please lets not relive that era… :scream: Sneezles61

We may have to relive that era Zima Malt Beverage Brought Back By MillerCoors - Simplemost

If I eventually invest in a keg system I will look into doing that. Thank you!

You are welcome. I don’t think the filter system will work without a keg system. If using gravity the flow won’t be sufficient to keep it going and the more the filter picks up, the slower until it stops.

Kegging was one of the biggest and best improvements I ever made brewing. Clean and sanitize 50 bottles or one keg?

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And don’t forget the ease of cleaning up after its spent… I am very disappointed Zima wouldn’t just stay away… Sneezles61

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Had to google Zima. Why would you even try that?

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